Coat (S) (Mens)

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Coat (S) (Mens)


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This product won an International Sustainable Design Award and is 99% up-cycled. More men's coats are on the way!

'Poyvi' cotton is hand-spun textile from Paraguay. Created by the design team at Pombero, the 'Poyvi' for these unique coats is hand-spun using up-cycled fabric. The fabric is rolled into thin strips which are woven by hand on a loom. 

  • The final product is a 100% hand-made100% unique99% up-cycled 

  • 100% cotton trim

  • Buttons vary on each coat

  • 'Poyvi' is primarily cotton with some variances

  • Each coat is unique: please choose your exact coat to order from the labeled pictures

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